How Gloobo works

What is Gloobo?
It is a VoIP telephony service that allows you to make national and international calls at very low rates directly from your landline phone, mobile phone or computer. There is a Business version that allows you to receive calls via geographic VoIP numbers in 50 countries, get toll-free numbers or 199 and make simple conference calls from your landline and mobile phone.

What do I need to do to use the service?
To use Gloobo simply register on the website. The activation is very simple and allows you to start using the service in a few minutes.

Why is registration required?
The telephone services offered must be in your name. The activation and configuration of the services is done from within your account. To start using Gloobo you need to register and create an account.

What services does Gloobo offer?
Gloobo allows you to call using VoIP technology and save more than 90% on calls without sacrificing quality. You can also activate telephone numbers in over 50 countries, to make it easier for your international customers to reach you and organize simple and cheap conference calls.

Do I have to leave my telephone operator to use Gloobo?
To use Gloobo you just need any internet connection. So you don't need to change your telephone operator, you can instead use it together with Gloobo, for example to make calls with our geographical numbers, and in the Business version also to receive them.

Why is the email address required?
This way we can send you an email reminder with your access data and confirmation of the transactions that took place when you decide to activate the services offered by Gloobo.

What do I need to start with Gloobo?
To make calls via computer or a data connection from smartphones and tablets, all you need is an internet line (such as ADSL or fiber) and the Zoiper software. Configuration is very simple and is done with one click from our website. You can also call without internet, for example using our "call everyone" number which is assigned to you in the "How to call" section, following the links "Call from landline" and "Call from smartphone".

I have lost my username and password. What can I do?
At the top of all the pages of the site you will find a Login button, click on this button and go to the page to login. Here you will find the Recover password link, which allows you, by entering the email address you used to create your Gloobo account, to recover your old password.

SI am a customer and I have a problem, how can I contact customer support?
You can contact customer support via web by logging into your Gloobo account or by phone at 800898887.

How can I unsubscribe from the periodic newsletter?
Login to the "My Account" page. Select your "Receive newsletter" setting.

How can I delete my Gloobo account?
To delete your account please login and go to the "Help" section, then click on the "Write us" menu. Select "Other" and in the description indicate your account cancellation request.