VoIP telephony: whaFt is it, how does it work, how to start?

F Waht is VoIP?
VoIP (acronym meaning Voice Over IP) is a technology that allows voice to be carried over the Internet. Voice is converted into data that can travel over the Internet, or on your operator's line, using numbering assigned by Gloobo.

Why switch to VoIP?
VoIP allows you to have a very low cost telephone line wherever there is an internet connection. Using this technology Gloobo can offer one or more telephone lines with very low rates for both national and international calls. The telephone line can be moved from one place to another without cost, simply using a smartphone or a computer. The savings compared to the telephone costs offered by traditional operators is very high, up to 90%. And the good news is that even compared to other VoIP operators Gloobo offers up to 50% lower rates.

Which internet connection is necessary to call with Gloobo VoIP?
Any ADSL connection is sufficient to make good quality calls. However the bandwidth requirement is 128 Kbit/sec bidirectional minimum. If you need to make more than 10 calls at the same time, it may be necessary to have an internet connection dedicated to VoIP.

I don't have an internet connection, how can I do it?
You can call using our "Call All" number 02.9971.2000 from landline or mobile, or, if you use our Business version, you can activate a geographic VoIP number to receive calls from your customers or use conference calls.

How can I use the VoIP calls offered by Gloobo?
You can use a computer, tablet or smartphone by installing the partner softphone Zoiper. If you use GlooboBusiness you must have an internet connection and a VoIP phone or IP switchboard.

I have a VoIP phone, how can I call with Gloobo?
The configuration is simple and after registering, you will be able to follow a guided configuration directly from your account.

What distinguishes Gloobo's VoIP offer from the others?
Gloobo offers two options for your VoIP calls. VoIP calls on demand, which allow you to pay for your phone traffic with a credit card charge every time the 5€ spending threshold is reached. A tariff is applied to each call, which varies according to the destination and the price list chosen. Rates start from 0.01 € per minute. Alternatively, we offer VoIP calls as a package: minute packages available for over 50 countries with discounts of up to 25% on the price list.

Is it possible to view the list of calls made?
Yes, it is possible. Login and select the My Account menu and then Phone Traffic.

How do I know how much I have been charged for a call?
Login to Gloobo and check your call details by clicking on My Account and then Phone Traffic.

How can I make international calls with Gloobo?
Simply dial the number of your contact abroad, including the international dialing code. The tariff for the destination will be applied.

I have read that with VoIP the quality of calls is low. Is this true?
Absolutely not. VoIP technology is now mature and allows you to offer great reliability and high voice quality for your conversations. It will be like having a normal traditional telephone provider, at a much lower cost.

Do I have to have a VoIP phone to use Gloobo?
The VoIP phone is the best option to call, but it is not the only one available. You can also use Gloobo with the number "Chiama Tutti" 02.9971.2000 or from a computer equipped with sound card and microphone or from a smartphone or tablet. How? By installing the Zoiper that allows you to use your device as if it were a VoIP phone with a simple configuration.